Everything starts with a good, functional design. Together with our customer we design optimal solutions that meet the standards and choose the best materials for the application. We use cutting-edge 3D software that can, if necessary, be integrated into the customer’s own systems. Our experienced and highly skilled designers can also suggest improvements to your existing products, providing the customer with increased cost efficiency and savings.

Production and cutting services

In addition to design services, our own production consists of material procurement and storage as well as the manufacturing and CNC cutting of fabric and other insulation materials in our own sewing workshop and machine shop. Complete control over the production chain means we can guarantee quality every step of the way. Modern facilities and equipment allow us to plan our production efficiently and make fast deliveries when needed. We use the best materials and minimize material loss so our operations are transparent and cost efficient – for the customers’ benefit. We continuously provide our personnel with professional and safety training.

Site surveys and technical reports

We carry out site surveys for pre-planning purposes, so that the needed expansion joints can be manufactured and maintenance services organized well before the service shutdown begins. This helps us estimate the amount of work needed as well as the resulting costs. The customer receives a written report for all inspections we carry out. In addition to visual inspections, we use, e.g., thermographic cameras and other technical devices.

Installation and maintenance services

Our experienced maintenance staff can either install the expansion joints as a turnkey delivery or act as installation supervisors, depending on the customers’ choices. Our maintenance staff have years of experience when it comes to expansion joint manufacturing and maintenance. If necessary, we can also repair the steel parts attached to the expansion joints. We also offer expansion joint maintenance contracts tailored to the customer’s needs: examples include site surveys of the expansion joints, thermographic analysis and written reports; listing all the expansion joints, their IDs and technical specifications; maintenance and repair plans; expansion joint maintenance and repair work or installation supervision, follow-up inspection and reporting.


Every day, a wide variety of industry professionals find the products they need in our large storage. Our strengths include an extensive selection of products and extremely fast deliveries. We can also store products for our customers, if necessary. All of our materials are of high quality and intended for professional use.