Our solutions for the machinery and equipment industry

We deliver tailor-made insulation solutions for the machinery and equipment industry. Our personal, proactive and fast service includes insulation fitting visits and regular development meetings. The ability to understand our customers’ processes and connect to them seamlessly are our top attributes. Our experts are experienced, skilled and innovative. They are happy to provide suggestions on new materials, improved products and the latest standards. Quality control and life cycle management are supported by detailed product documents.

For industrial investment projects

We offer tailor-made expansion joint solutions for process maintenance uses, installation and maintenance services and site surveys. In addition to experience and professional know-how, our strengths include excellent pre-planning, which means interruptions of normal operations are as short as possible. This is also supported by preliminary inspection visits, the ability to react to problems and manufacture products quickly – even on-site. We always maintain customer-specific maintenance history and all related documents, which allows us to work independently at the location when necessary. Occupational safety is as important to us as it is to our customers. We always make sure that we have the appropriate equipment and protective clothing and we provide our staff with regular training.

Industrial investment projects

Our products are often used in industrial investment projects. We like to be involved in the project right from the design and offer phase. Through our electronic services we can provide the customer with the necessary up-to-date documents and instructions. Our expertise can support our customer’s product development work and help create efficient operating models. Ensuring that the project is handled in a professional and controlled manner from design to delivery and product lifecycle management is a matter of honour to us.

Sales to professional - JLX Center

Every day, a wide variety of industry professionals find the products they need in our large storage. Our strengths include an extensive selection of products and extremely fast deliveries. We can also store products for our customers. There are hundreds of materials to choose from, so it’s easy to find the ideal solution for your insulation, protection or fire safety needs. If we don’t have the perfect product in our storage, we can order it directly from the manufacturer. All of our materials are of high quality and intended for professional use.