Expansion joints

The purpose of expansion joints is to compensate for thermal expansion occurring in ducts and pipes and to act as noise and vibration dampers. We are one of the biggest expansion joint manufacturers in Finland. Every year, we manufacture thousands of expansion joints in different sizes and customize them to suit each customer’s needs. The products are designed and manufactured from start to finish at our own factory. Our product range includes, e.g., fabric expansion joints, fan expansion joints, spiral reinforced expansion joints, protection bellows, rubber expansion joints and metal expansion joints.

Engine, piping and equipment insulations

The purpose of engine, piping and equipment insulation is to keep emissions under control and improve energy efficiency. Regardless of the engine’s type, size and power we provide insulations that are perfectly fitted to the piping. Our services include design, dimensioning and manufacturing. Our insulations cover all of the piping including the exhaust manifold, turbo, catalytic converter, DPF, SCR system and muffler. The insulations can be made from heat-resistant fabrics or as metal-encased solutions. All JLX insulations are durable, high-quality products. They can be removed and re-installed quickly if necessary.

Protection and insulation elements

JLX Industry’s product range includes a wide variety of protection and insulation elements of different sizes and shapes. Equipment insulation, insulation pillows and insulation blankets are made to measure and manufactured to shape. We offer an extensive selection of insulation and surface materials, which allows us to optimize solutions for the specific application. Our products provide excellent insulation and are non-combustible, dimensionally accurate, durable and easy to handle and install. Protection and insulation elements can be used to considerably reduce the risk of accidents and to save energy. Potential applications include, e.g., mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, power plants, foundries and steel mills.

Protective clothing against heat and flame

We manufacture JLX protective clothing that shields you from heat radiation. The clothing is intended to be used wherever people need protection from heat and flames. Common applications include, e.g., foundries and steel mills. All our heat and flame protection clothing is manufactured in Finland. All our products are also available in small sizes.

Heat and fire-resistant materials

Our extensive inventory allows us to supply industrial customers with heat and fire-resistant fabrics, insulations, sheets and bricks. Our insulating and protective fabrics have been surface-treated and finished to suit various applications. Applications include, e.g., pipe insulation, welding and flame cutting shields, splash guards, protective curtains for furnaces, insulation plate and gutter surfaces and insulation pillows. We also sell Morgan Thermal Ceramics products. Our range includes, e.g., the high-quality Superwool® and FireMaster® product families.

Other products

Our products have countless applications. Challenge us to solve your insulation, protection, fire safety or industrial process temperature control problems – or to improve your existing solutions.