High -quality products.
Professional 3D modeling.
Innovative product development.
Lifecycle management and estimations.

Our solutions for the machinery and equipment industry

We deliver tailor-made insulation solutions for the machinery and equipment industry. Our personal, proactive and fast service includes insulation fitting visits and regular development meetings.

Process maintenance professionals

We offer tailor-made expansion joint solutions for process maintenance applications, installation and maintenance services and site surveys. Our strengths include experience, excellent pre-planning and the ability to react quickly.

For industrial investment projects

We manage industrial investment projects in a professional and controlled manner. Through our electronic services we can provide the customer with the necessary up-to-date documents and instructions.


We have been optimizing industrial processes and improving fire safety since 1994. We are proud to say that many of our customers have been with us from the beginning.

Sales to professionals - JLX Center

Our warehouse supplies industry professionals with heat and fire-resistant products on a daily basis. Our strengths include an extensive selection of products and extremely fast deliveries. We can also store products for our customers, if necessary.

Safe and optimal industrial processes

JLX Industry is a family business located in Rauma, Finland. We offer our customers in the industry sector comprehensive, tailor-made, energy-efficient solutions – usually related to issues or needs arising from heat management.

Occupational safety, the quality of our products and the continuous development of our operations are some of our key values. This is why we have certified our operations with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. A quality certification granted by a trusted third party ensures that the company’s processes meet their requirements. On the other hand, this certification is a clear indication that operations are systematically developed within the organisation.